Round 1 (Registration deadline: 23 Oct 2023)

Participants are invited to submit their works in one of the following categories: 1) Communication Design, 2) Community, Space, and Service Design, 3) Product Experience Design, 4) Play Design, 5) AI and Future Design online before 29 Dec 2023.
No submitsion is accepted without registration.
Round 2 (Announcement of the shortlisted participants: 8 February 2024)

The Hatch Programme dated 16 & 30 March, 5-6 April 2024, is packed with engaging activities such as ideation sessions, lectures, and workshops designed to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of design and acquire essential skills to improve their design proposals. Stay tuned!
Final Presentation & Prize Presentation Ceremony: 20 July 2024

This immersive experience culminates in a final presentation, where participants have the chance to showcase their newly honed abilities and creative concepts. They will also need to create a prototype. Get your principal's nomination to enter the awards and let your creativity soar! Note that the final presentation document should be submitted 1 week before the presentation.

can enter?

  • The Awards is open to all local and international secondary schools in Hong Kong.
  • Each school is allowed to register with no repeat on combinations of students for each team. Each school can send MORE THAN ONE TEAM.
  • Team members are formed by Secondary 4 to 6 students in the academic year of 2023/24.
  • Grade 10-12 equivalent.

to enter?

Team Formation
  • Students can join either as a group of TWO to THREE or
    solo participation (ONE-MAN TEAM).
  • One student can only join one team. Each team consists of at most THREE students and ONE advising teacher, all from the same school.
  • Open for entry in September 2023. Application deadline on 16 October 2023.
  • Registration is free-of-charge.
  • Once registered, no change of team members is allowed.
  • Once application is submitted, it means that the participating team understands and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Competition.
  • Any late applications will not be accepted.


Q: What will the shortlisted students do in the 4-day Hatch Programme?
A: We will offer various activities for the students to broaden their horizons. Activities include ideation sessions, lectures and sharing from the speakers in design industry. Students are able to meet our teachers in the School of Design and receive comments to improve their design.

Q: What do I need to submit in the first round submission?
A: Students are asked to submit 10 to 20 pages of PDF document to showcase their initial ideas, which may include the research process, sketches, drawings, images, mind-map, trial and errors etc. The materials should be able to communicate their ideas in an effective way. Besides, students can also upload a video as a supplementary document if they want (1-minute long, in MP4 format). No physical and tangible outcomes need to be sent.

Q: If I am not sure about which category I am working on, what should I do?
A: Students should refer to their design and consider which category that the design tends to be. They may also select one more category on the website when submitting their work online if they are not sure. However, only 1 category of certificate will be distributed to them.

Q: After the first round submission, when should I start working on my prototype?
A: The shortlisted students after the first round submission will be announced in early February via email. They may proceed to the next stage afterwards according to their schedule with comments from the judges. Within the 4-day Hatch Programme, students may prepare questions and small dummy to meet our teachers for advice. They can improve their design with the technical support from our tutors and design students. The final submission will be on 20 July which students will present their work on that day at PolyU.

Q: Can I submit my previous work?
A: There is no limitation to the works that to be submitted. However, please be aware that the design should meet the theme and your target audience.

Tips: If you are working on projects related to Hong Kong local culture e.g. slangs, be aware of the context as some of our judges are not based in Hong Kong. You may need some explanation and background information in your submission.


Please download the application guidelines.
Lots of success in your participation in PolyU Hatch Awards.