Registration deadline: 31 July 2024, 23:59 (HK Time)

The participating team is required to submit the followings for the competition:
1) Design images 10-20 pages slides (A4 – design process images, draft etc.) (Required)
2) Demo video (max. 1 minute long, MP4 format) (Optional)

Result Announcement: 29 August 2024)

The competition will select four winners (not limited to individuals or teams):
1) The Best Design Champion
2) The Most Innovative Design Award
3) The Most Sustainable Design Award
4) People Choice

Additionally, the School having the greatest number of successful submissions will be acknowledged with The Most Supporting School Award.
The winning school’s representative will be invited to the Award Presentation Ceremony and given a certificate.
Award Presentation Exhibition : September – November 2024  (to be confirmed)

The winning teams will be invited to the Award Presentation Ceremony. Each winning team will be given a trophy and each team member will be given a certificate. Awarded teams may be invited to participate in media interview(s), or publicity event(s) and/or other platform(s) of the Project to showcase their prototypes. Each participant with a successful submission will be given a certificate of participation.

can enter?

  • The Award is open to all Local and International Secondary Schools in Hong Kong.
  • The Award is open to Secondary 3 to 6 students in the academic year of 2023/24.
  • Individual participants or any teams consisted of students from the same school are eligible to participate.
  • Each school is allowed to register with no repeat on combinations of students for each team (each student can only submit ONE application).
  • No limit on the number of students to join the Awards.
  • Students participated in the first PolyU Design Hatch Awards 2024 but did not enter the second round are eligible to join with any new designs or designs that have submitted in the last competition.  
  • Any projects participated in other competitions are welcome.
  • The submitted entries must be designed and created by the participants themselves.
Team Formation
  • Students can join either as a group of TWO to THREE or solo participation (ONE-MAN TEAM).
  • One student can only join one team.
Registration and Submission
  • Open for entry in July 2024. Application deadline on 31 July 2024.
  • Registration is free-of-charge.
  • Once registered, no change of team members is allowed.
  • Once application is submitted, it means that the participating team or individual understands and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Competition.
  • Any late applications will not be accepted.
*Please upload your work and the submission form together


Q: What do I need to submit?
A: Students are asked to submit 10 to 20 pages of PDF document to showcase their initial ideas, which may include the research process, sketches, drawings, images, mind-map, trial and errors etc. The materials should be able to communicate their ideas in an effective way. Besides, students have the option upload a video as a supplementary document if they want optionally (1-minute long, in MP4 format). No physical and tangible outcomes need to be sent.

Q: What is the difference between the Hatch Awards 2024 Summer Edition and the previous Hatch Awards?
A: The duration of the Summer Edition program will be shortened to 2 months (July and August). Thus, we enrolled in the 4-day Hatch Programme, where students only need to submit their work once. We are also welcoming secondary 3 students to join us this time.
Additionally, we have added "The Most Supporting School Award" this time for the school that having the greatest number of successful submissions will be acknowledged. The winning school’s representative will be invited to the Award Presentation Ceremony and given a certificate.

Q: What can I do to improve our project if we don't have the 4-day Hatch Programme this time?
A: You can join our online briefing session on 2 July 2024. Our project coordinator will be giving more detailed information and sharing tips for the upcoming competition. To enroll, simply click the button below.
Online Briefing Registration

Q: Can I submit my previous work?
A: There is no limitation to the works that to be submitted. However, please be aware that the design should meet the theme and your target audience.

Tips: If you are working on projects related to Hong Kong local culture e.g. slangs, be aware of the context as some of our judges are not based in Hong Kong. You may need some explanation and background information in your submission.


Please download the application guidelines.
Lots of success in your participation in PolyU Hatch Awards.